The Global Challenge’s comprehensive, four-pronged approach is based not only on science and proven results, but on the principle that any health program should be done for and with your employees, not to them. People must engage and participate willingly because ultimately, only an individual can make the key lifestyle changes required to improve their physical and mental health.

We put the employee at the heart of everything we do, motivating and empowering your people to improve their performance and create a culture of health from the ground up.

Cycle of empowerment

Our cycle of empowerment starts with individuals first becoming more aware of their overall health and how their lifestyle choices measure up. We then provide them with the motivation to change, before arming them with the education and tools they need to make lasting improvements to their health, their performance and their lives. As they begin to feel the benefits of these simple changes, their confidence builds and drives their motivation to push harder, creating a self-perpetuating cycle.

From the ground up

Changing attitudes and lifestyles can’t happen overnight. That’s why the Global Challenge is built on a gradual, ground-up approach that improves the mind as well as the body.

How does this universal approach work? We start by getting people moving. When confidence and habits have begun to improve and employees discover how enjoyable and easy change can be, we then get them eating more healthily before helping them to sleep better and develop psychological strategies that ensure they show up for work physically and mentally ready to perform at their best.

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