Getting started

Each year, for 100 days, hundreds of thousands of employees around the world compete in teams of seven as the Global Challenge (formerly the GCC) takes them on a journey that will improve both their physical and psychological health.

Here's how...

  • Teams of 7

    Employees sign up to the Global Challenge in teams of seven and in a single event can compete alongside more than 53,000 teams from up to 1,500 of the world’s most respected companies. Employees feel supported and enjoy some friendly competition.

  • Starter kit

    The Pulse is a simple, flexible activity tracker exclusive to the Global Challenge. It fits employees’ working environment, works with web, or alternatively can sync via the award-winning Global Challenge app. The Global Challenge platform is also compatible with more than 15 other wearable fitness devices including Fitbit, Garmin, Misfit and Microsoft.

  • Measuring up

    Before starting out on their journey, employees discover a new awareness of their health with the Global Challenge’s tailored online heath assessment. This feature empowers your employees with recommendations to support their progress. All information is protected by our stringent, ISO-compliant data standards. More here.

Beyond the journey

Beyond the 100 days, the Global Challenge provides a 12-month platform to ensure that awareness, education and motivation can continue throughout the year.

  • Flexible challenges

    We have introduced a choice of three optional flexible challenges that you can roll-out at a time that suits your workforce the best. These additional challenges will reinforce the healthy habits your employees have worked so hard to embed during the 100 Day Journey, and provide you with additional opportunities to engage your employees and further embed a culture of health throughout the year.

  • 12 Month access

    After the first 100 days, your employees will have developed new habits in terms of exercise, improved diet and better sleeping patterns. So they can continue their progress, members receive monthly motivational emails, have ongoing access to our flexible challenges and global community, and full use of the Global Challenge website and apps for the remainder of the 12-month period.

  • Measuring the results

    We report on the aggregated health information and outcomes shared by your employees. Our pre and post-event reports show how your people’s health affects the health of your business, and how this relationship improves after the Global Challenge. You can also choose from topical reports which dive deep into the challenges unique to your organization, such as engagement, absenteeism, stress or productivity

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