The Global Challenge’s absolute authority comes from the fact that our numbers are demonstrable and scientifically proven. All of the statistics you see on this page – from productivity scores to reduced stress levels – are provided to employers via industry papers and pre-event and post-event client reports.

Our data has also formed the basis of more than 20 independent research studies produced by some of the world’s leading universities.

Impact on your bottom line

We understand the importance of measuring outcomes when it comes to employee health and wellbeing. Our data provides you with pre and post-event reporting and helps you understand the impact your employees’ individual health gains are making to overall business’s performance.

From improvements to morale, job satisfaction and productivity, to individuals’ reduction in BMI and stress levels, here’s a snapshot of the key results clients have achieved by participating in the Global Challenge.

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Program overview

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Impact on your employees

After more than a decade working with more than 5,500 of the world’s most respected employers and changing more than two million lives, the message couldn’t be clearer: the Global Challenge program gets results.

At the outset of the 2016 Global Challenge, 61% of employees rated their health as good to excellent. By the end of the journey, this increased to 83% of employees.2

The number of employees rating their health as extremely poor or poor at the outset of the Global Challenge also significantly decreased.

These improvements are compelling because it’s in this group – those who are health skeptics – where most of your lost productivity and healthcare costs are incurred. Reducing these bills are crucial to a healthy bottom line and a competitive workforce.

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Data sources 1. 2015 Client Survey Results. 2. 2017 Global Final Report. Based on 2017 pre-event (263,687) and post-event (107,999) survey data. 3. 2011 FCDP Study: Based on pre-event (73,735) and post-event (36,007) survey data. 4. 2017 Client Survey Results.