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NHS client-success

“I’ve seen employees become more motivated and engaged, and the GCC has paid off in terms of reduction in sickness and people’s will to want to come to work. In a few words? A fun, motivating, inclusive and accessible experience.“

Liz Crossley

HR Administrator
Kent Community Health NHS Trust

Please note: testimonials and videos refer to the Global Challenge by its former name, GCC.

Zurich Insurance improves teamwork and health

“I would recommend participating in the Global Challenge. It’s good for your health, for meeting up with colleagues, and the more people join, the better the experience will get.”

For Swarovski, it’s all about engagement

“Participating in the Global Challenge is fun. It’s a good laugh, you get moving and talking to people. Our staff really changed for the better.”

Success Story - reclaiming health - John, DHL
A life changing experience – John’s story

“When we’re young we’re invincible. After 40, everything catches up with us. If you haven’t started a healthier lifestyle, it’s time.” US DHL member talks about overcoming personal health challenges.

Increased motivation – Emma’s story

“It’s been difficult to find the motivation to exercise. The GCC worked for me.” UK-based member Emma Banstead shares her personal and inspiring recovery to full health.

Success Story - Frieda, Pearson USA
Weight loss – Frieda’s story

“I found I lost weight and that I had a lot more energy.” Pearson employee Frieda talks about improving her overall health.

Client Success - Siemens

"One of the things that attracts our people to participate is that natural sense of polite competition between teams and they really look to stretch themselves and achieve that step count everyday".

Coca-Cola Enterprises

"I would say that the GCC has been one of the easiest well-being initiatives to implement. I've seen some real changes in our employees."

NISSAN client-success-testimonial
For Nissan, it was the ease of rolling it out

“One of the advantages of the GCC is that it’s so easy to administer.”

FUJITSU client-success-testimonial
Fujitsu needed measurable ROI

"The benefits are measurable, individual and corporate. That’s the strength of the GCC."

Client Success Story - balfour beatty
For Balfour Beatty, it was the universal appeal

"You've got to look for a program that fits into everything you’re doing; the GCC is the perfect program for us."

Client Success - Rolls Royce
The promise of better teamwork attracted Rolls-Royce

"We are also seeing improved levels of teamwork – teams are getting out, they are walking at lunch, they’re organising events - and also for a global company we are getting teamwork across the various parts of Rolls Royce."

HSF client-success-testimonial
HSF Health Plan wanted to see an increase in physical activity

“The surprising thing was those you wouldn’t expect to do much exercise. They’re the people that you saw the most differences in general well-being. It’s quite amazing.”

Success Story - Sarah from Chobani
Sarah from Chobani

"I was loving it! I was all over it, I am a competitive person, and as a member of the leadership team I was certainly very committed to make sure I was in the top 10. I wanted to make sure my step counted represented who I was."

For Muriel, it was psychological well-being

"I have a stressful job, and high anxiety, and generally, just starting to walk, has improved my life overall. I'm making more friends at work which is great because I'm one of the newer employees and I find it harder to fit in sometimes."

Success Story - Peter from Chobani, Australia
Peter Meek, MD - Chobani

"Importantly people define culture, and define how you operate. Having really engaged, highly skilled and healthy staff is how you really drive a strong culture."